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Low Code Development

Deploy Quicker and Respond Faster with No-Code Configuration and Deployment

Whether you need to configure your ITSM or ESM environment, expand existing mApps to provide additional capability, or develop new mApps to meet the specific needs of your business, Cherwell provides the industry's best combination of comprehensive Service Management features, flexibility, and ease of administration. This results in faster and less costly initial deployments, quicker rolling out of enhancements, new processes or services, and smoother upgrades. Cherwell's no-code configuration and development accelerate creation and editing of dashboards, service portals, forms, process workflows, task automation, searches, and more. No-code drag-and-drop configuration is complemented by selective low-code capabilities such as using a RESTful API command to perform remote actions. You can combine also automated actions into reusable Action Blocks to further streamline configuration, integration, and development.

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Designed for Citizen Developers

Graphical, "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) tools make it simple to configure, edit, and create dashboards, service portals, forms, process workflows, task automations, searches, and more. This easy-to-use approach was designed with a new breed of Citizen Developers in mind. Business analysts and system administrators can easily master these tools with no specialized programming or scripting skills. As a result, administrators are productive more quickly, associated activities are done faster, more time is spent on value-added contributions, and total cost of ownership is reduced.

Managed Platform

The Cherwell platform reads metadata configuration files that determine what services, processes, and supporting elements are delivered by the platform. By using graphical tools to configure, edit, and create, Cherwell controls the writing and managing of the resulting metadata files. This reduces the administrative complexity of managing configurations, especially when there are multiple extensions, integrations, and custom workflows. It also ensures portability across deployment options (on-premises, SaaS, public cloud) and dramatically simplifies upgrades. Contrast this approach to the typical developer - or programmer -managed techniques for configuring and customizing a service desk.

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Texas Christian University

"We like Cherwell's concurrent liscensing model, affordable SaaS pricing, and self-service capabilities - and the codeless platform that allows the service desk to build everything we need to do our jobs without expert developers." - Joshua Tooley, Associate Director of IT Support at Texas Christian University

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