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Best Practices for Supporting a Remote Workforce

Cherwell Self Serve Portal

Enable Self-Service Support

A self-service IT support portal is critical for managing a remote workforce. It’s your best guarantee that all other aspects of your remote infrastructure will be effective. The portal must be easy to access and easy to use. A well-designed portal provides a one-stop shop for both knowledge and support, reducing – and often eliminating – the time delays inherent in email and phone support.

Learn more about implementing a self-service portal.

Ensure Employees Have the Tech They Need

Although nearly 25% of today’s workforce already works from 数字货币杠杆怎么玩_合约交易home (at least some of the time), many workers being asked to make the transition are not set up to be productive. To enable rapid and seamless access to systems and equipment, create service packages to facilitate ordering and fulfillment of required technology and services. Filter those packages by region, role, and other key criteria. Most importantly, automate approval flows to minimize the burden on your IT team.

Learn more about implementing and managing your service catalog.

Serve Your Employees with Knowledge

One of the biggest roadblocks for remote workers is finding the information they need to stay on task. Take the time to identify the right knowledge blocks to provide in context for remote workers. Bolster your approach to knowledge management by tracking knowledge usage statistics to improve relevance.

Learn more about managing knowledge.

Leverage Available Resources with Real-Time Collaboration

A remote workforce is a distributed workforce, lending itself to different models of support from those traditionally used within a single worksite. Traditional ticket re-assignment is inefficient and breeds uncertainty in a time when anxiety is already running high. Give your employees real-time results by enabling virtual collaboration and team-based support. Remote collaboration tools foster efficiency and human interaction, reducing uncertainty.

Learn more about real-time collaboration.

Extend Remote Services to HR, Facilities, Security and Beyond

IT is vital to worker productivity, but it is only one of several important service types. Providing a shared services portal leverages your employees’ familiarity with one service environment and extends it to other areas where they need support. Make sure your remote workforce gets both the knowledge and support it needs to succeed, whatever their function.

Learn more about the benefits of a shared services model.

Learn from Our Community

Cherwell customers are already achieving impressive results in supporting a remote workforce

Monitor and Analyze Remote Logins

A global food manufacturer uses Cherwell to track questionable IP login events and ensure each is handled and validated properly.

Provide Students, Faculty and Staff Off-Campus Support

A higher education organization has created a portal for students, faculty and staff to provide access, collaboration and resources for off-campus learning and productivity.

Cherwell Partners Offering Free Resources

BeyondTrust integrates with Cherwell through a remote support solution that enables IT workers to support end-users from afar. Details from each session automatically update tickets in Cherwell. BeyondTrust is also offering a limited number of free remote support licenses for 90 days for companies requiring additional licenses during this unprecedented time of remote working.

View BeyondTrust mApp

PagerDuty’s Cherwell integration lets companies immediately notify staff of incidents via phone, SMS, email, or push notification. You can also easily automate escalations, embed remediation instructions, recruit additional responders, and extend collaboration workflows to drive down resolution times. PagerDuty is offering six free licenses for six months to any business that isn’t already on PagerDuty.

Demo the Integration

Demo the Integration

Now Available from the Cherwell Marketplace

Remote Employee Management mApp (Free)

The Remote Employee Management mApp helps you efficiently manage the transition of employees from the office to remote work. You can provide your employees a simple way to initiate the automated workflow that gives them the information and technology they need to remain productive. Simple equipment requests and tracking, along with status and announcement broadcasting, keeps your workforce informed and effective. Available now at no cost to current Cherwell Service Management customers from the Cherwell Marketplace.

Crisis Management mApp (Free)

Return to Workplace Application (Free)

Ivanti Acquires Cherwell to Deliver Personalized Employee Experiences in the Everywhere Workplace

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