Discovery and Dependency Mapping
Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Automate the service desk experience. Make infrastructure changes with confidence.

Cherwell’s Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) solution helps you fuel more effective, automated service desk operations and improve the accuracy of your CMDB – at a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Gain unparalleled full-stack visibility

See how your physical, virtual, and logical compute, network, and storage entities are connected.

Cherwell’s discovery and dependency mapping tool gives you a single view into complex, hybrid environments and infrastructure through multi-layer topology maps that allow you to:

  • Visualize relationships between components
  • See what’s happening at a glance, including root causes
  • Quickly troubleshoot issues and understand the impact on business applications
  • Overlay fault, performance alerts, and tickets right on top
Gain unparalleled full-stack visibility

Automate CMDB updates, automate operations

Application discovery and dependency mapping ensure your data is pushed to your CMDB in real-time.

Say goodbye to manual mapping and human error. Say hello to more strategic use of your time and accuracy.

  • Rapidly discover all infrastructure components without deploying agents
  • Quickly identify compute, network, and storage assets and their details
  • Apply changes with confidence with minimal error and rework rates
Automate CMDB updates, automate operations

Key Capabilities and Features

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Agentless Auto-Discovery

Discover all of the computing, network, and storage entities across your hybrid IT environment fast - and without ever deploying agents.

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Application Dependency Mapping

Keep track of the relationships between applications and the underlying hybrid infrastructure.

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Automated CMDB Updates

Ensure your CMDB is always accurate and up-to-date with automated updates.

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Multi-Layer Topology Maps

Intuitive topology maps facilitate operations by displaying how all of your physical, virtual and logical compute, network, and storage entities are connected to one another.

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Infrastructure Visualizations

Use visualizations to identify and understand root causes - and fix them quickly - with the ability to overlay faults, alerts, and tickets on top of topology maps.

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Real-Time Inventory Views

Always know exactly where your inventory stands, with the ability to view by device type or IP address range, in custom filtered groups or in a tabular list format.

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