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Cherwell Provides DevOps and Value Stream Management Capability that Works for Your Business

Wherever your organization is on its DevOps journey – whether you are just starting to build your DevOps toolchain or you are trying to deal with the complexity of a more mature ecosystem – Cherwell Service Management can help you unite IT and development to provide greater visibility to business leaders, ensure consistent process flow and accelerate delivery. Cherwell brings DevOps, ITSM, and ITOM capability together in a single platform, enabling a simple and powerful approach to Value Stream Management.

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Cherwell Unites ITSM, ITOM, and DevOps

DevOps, ITSM, or ITOM – Do you have to choose?

DevOps is on the rise. A growing number of organizations are adopting this blending of development and operations as key to their overall digital transformation and IT maturity journey.

It's not a matter of choosing between ITSM/ITOM and DevOps. These functions need to work together to realize value and ensure smooth operations before, during and after development efforts. The truth is that any development and operational cycle -- whether traditional or Agile -- follows a predictable pattern.

Development begins with ideation and initial analysis. Once the project is defined, the team goes to work executing development tasks which you can manage via a traditional waterfall or a modern Agile methodology.

Development leads to test and eventually hands off to release, where operations takes over. A product that has been released is subject to the support, incident, and change processes that make up service management. Throughout each phase of the lifecycle, measurement is critical for keeping both development and operations on track and enabling ongoing improvement.

DevOps, ITSM, or ITOM – Do you have to choose?

DevOps delivers value to IT organizations...chaos ensues

By combining software development and IT operations, DevOps shortens the systems development life cycle and provides continuous delivery of software of the highest quality. It can be a highly effective approach, but it’s not magic. The accelerated pace can amplify existing problems like departmental silos, slow or incomplete handoffs, and inconsistent practices. This can put a strain on established processes such as Incident and Change management or maintaining the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Chaos ensues.

DevOps delivers value to IT organizations…chaos ensues

Some ITSM teams look at DevOps as the cause of the chaos, and they try to find ways to “fix” it. But it isn’t DevOps that needs to be fixed – it’s those same issues that have always been stumbling blocks for IT Service Management and Operations Management. You’re just running into them more often. You need a faster and simpler process that leverages the benefits of DevOps while ensuring the reliability of traditional IT Service Management – all while reducing costs and complexity.

ITSM Project and Portfolio Management

DevOps automation reduces application deployment time and costs

Automation is where DevOps and ITSM meet. Fundamental DevOps practices such as Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration are fully dependent on automating processes; there’s really no other way to get there. Automation is also a key driver for ITSM. Most ITSM vendors name the ability to automate IT workflows among their most critical capabilities – and with good reason. The ITIL 4 standard lists seven guiding principles for IT Service Management that map very closely to the guiding principles of DevOps. The last, and possibly most important of these is “Optimize and automate.” Whatever improvement you’re looking to make in development, operations, or service management, it’s going to require automation.

Whether your workflow requires making a handoff, getting an update from an external system, requesting an approval, checking the availability of an asset or any of thousands of other possibilities, every automated step reflects a savings in time for development and support staff. These incremental savings add up quickly both in terms of greater productivity for your staff and faster time to value for every release or incident resolution. Automation drives not only faster but more reliable development, delivery, and support.

DevOps automation reduces application deployment time and costs

Cherwell enables no-code DevOps automation

Cherwell’s no-code development and automation make it easy not only to automate tasks, but to support streamlining every step in the process. Cherwell CORE’s automation engine makes it easy to automate processes without relying on costly development resources, so your team can deliver services more quickly and cost effectively. You can easily automate setting status on records, sending emails, invoking tasks, setting priorities, and closing requests. The graphical workflow editor, a key part of Cherwell’s no-code development environment, makes creating new custom actions quick and easy. Plus, you can combine multiple automated steps in reusable Action Blocks.

Cherwell’s automation engine can manage seamless bi-directional hand-offs from your service management environment to external tools that make up the DevOps value stream.

Cherwell enables no-code DevOps automation

Cherwell makes the value stream flow

Cherwell eliminates the chaos that emerges from poorly aligned DevOps and ITSM / ITOM solutions by enabling you to bring all the disparate parts of the DevOps toolchain together in a single solution. Cherwell seamlessly integrates tools that support the full development cycle (Plan, Code, Build, Test, Deploy, etc.) with Project and Portfolio Management, Discovery and Dependency Mapping, IT Operations Management, and our IT Service Management solution, which is PinkVERIFY™ certified on 11 ITIL® processes.

Cherwell Service Management provides a system of record for your DevOps value stream. A solution built on Cherwell CORE enables the accelerated continuous delivery capability required by DevOps while providing the reliability that ITSM and ITOM can provide. As mentioned above, the no-code platform provides workflow automation and integration to bring the full value stream together. Dashboards and analytics enable you to easily check status, track progress, and manage the DevOps toolchain. DevOps-friendly Change Management keeps service management and value stream management aligned. The fully synchronized CMDB (configuration management database) enables simple, reliable, and powerful management of all hardware and software service assets.

Cherwell enables Value Stream Management

Key Capabilities and Features

Knowledge Management
Omni-Channel Engagement

Multiple channels for enabling user experiences to match the needs of your DevOps value stream.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboards/analytics to check status, track progress, and manage the full DevOps process flow.

Portfolio Management Icon
Project and Portfolio Management

Tools to enable idea intake and review, demand assessment, and resource management.

Change Management Icon
Change Management

Accelerated, compliant, and DevOps friendly Change and Release Management

Low-Code Development Icon
No-Code Development

End-to-end no-code configuration and development to drive PPM, DevOps, ITOM, and ITSM processes

Workflow Automation Icon
Workflow Automation

Automation engine to provide consistent end-to-end workflows and bridge any gaps in the value stream

Configuration Management Icon
Configuration Management

Fully synchronized CMDB (configuration management database) and SACM (service asset configuration management)

DDM icon

Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) and AI Ops Support

Integration Services
Integration Services

Integration Services enable simple integration with the full DevOps / VSM toolchain

The Cherwell advantage in integrating with DevOps tools

Cherwell’s commitment to no-code configuration and development puts the ability to manage your DevOps value stream directly into the hands of your IT team. Enabling IT technicians and administrators to manage the DevOps value stream ensures a consistent and reliable experience for developers, operations, and service management. And thanks to the simplicity of Cherwell’s licensing model, you don’t have to purchase a separate “DevOps Solution” to manage the value chain. The Cherwell CORE platform , ITSM, ITOM, and PPM solutions provide the framework from which you can easily develop and implement a Value Stream Management solution tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

The Cherwell advantage in integrating with DevOps tools

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