Enterprise ITSM on AWS

Achieving Cloud Success with Cherwell & AWS

Enable Cloud Transformation and Adoption

More and more organizations are hoping to leverage the benefits of cloud computing – potential cost savings, elasticity around scaling compute & storage, security/compliance, etc. Migrating your key workloads into the cloud or managing a hybrid cloud environment can be a daunting task for IT teams. It doesn’t have to be. Together, Cherwell and AWS can help:

  • Provision and orchestrate the use of the AWS Service Catalog through a seamless integration with Cherwell’s ITSM Self-Service Portal
  • Transform your service desk and unleash the power of effective and affordable IT service management on AWS
  • Gain operational efficiencies with regards to time and cost savings around streamlined workflow automation and lower TCO

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Access AWS Services Instantly from the Cherwell ITSM Self-Service Portal

Cherwell’s ITSM integration with AWS allows you to provide your employees a personalized set of AWS cloud services and templates right from our self-service portal. You gain visibility and control across your entire hybrid cloud environment, improving the productivity and efficiency of your IT team. From one unified self-service portal, you can:
  • Automate AWS provisioning and CMDB updates
  • Enforce IT security and governance for your hybrid cloud environment
  • Simplify your cloud service experience
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Cloud Management Services mApp
AWS Cloud Management mApp

Access AWS Services Instantly from the Cherwell ITSM Self-Service Portal

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Benefits of AWS Integration


Simple self-service experience to request and automate the provisioning of cloud resources based on AWS services and templates.


Transparency into your AWS-hosted applications and services, as well as their usage and associated costs.

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Centralized governance and control of your AWS cloud services and resources including inactivity warnings.

Centralize Cloud Management

Cherwell ITSM unifies and automates AWS cloud services, allowing you to manage hybrid cloud operations with greater efficiency from a single service platform. Cherwell’s automation and standardized AWS templates reduce time and manual effort to boost your productivity.

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Enrich Your Service Experience

You can take full advantage of AWS’ comprehensive suite of services—including having server provisioning right at your fingertips—from the service catalog in Cherwell’s self-service portal. Cherwell enables setup of user entitlements so you can easily filter available services. Enable end users to leverage AWS regardless of their skill level.

AWS New Machine Provision

Incident Management on AutoPilot

The integration of AWS’ monitoring services into Cherwell’s platform allows for rapid detection, auto-creation, and faster resolution of incidents that occur in the AWS environment. AWS generates Cherwell Incident tickets with contextual data for rapid resolution.

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Enforce Compliance & Change Processes

Cherwell’s single CMDB improves dependency and change analysis while helping IT better maintain and enforce compliance. The CMDB is automatically updated as you create and modify your AWS environment. Security and compliance policies are enforced in real-time.

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