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Proactive IT, powered by AI.

Cherwell’s AIOps solution helps IT organizations tackle a exponentially growing data sets and constantly changing infrastructure by combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AIOps) with powerful automation built for the complexity of modern IT environments. AIOps fuels agile and automated service delivery with a closed loop of self-running discovery, analysis, detection, and prediction behind the scenes.

Centralized infrastructure management for more proactive and productive IT

Managing increasing infrastructure needs is daunting, especially when your team isn’t growing.

An AIOps tool can help you streamline and scale your service delivery.

  • Centralize your view of data and domains
  • Automate your mapping and discovery infrastructure
  • Keep your CMDB up-to-date
  • Dissolve manual and repetitive tasks and processes
  • Tone down the alarms
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Avoid trips to the IT “war room” with self-discovery and predictive insights

Avoid or reduce outages from hours to seconds.

Dramatically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

  • See what's happening at all times with dashboards, visualizations and dependency data
  • Isolate problem sources in seconds with root cause analysis
  • Auto-discover, diagnose and rapidly resolve issues
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Provide a smooth customer experience

Say sayonara to missed SLAs, which have become more compact than ever as IT teams accelerate digital transformation.

IT success is directly tied to performance output and providing a great customer experience. AIOps helps you exceed expectations.

  • Monitor the health of critical apps and overall infrastructure
  • Save time and foster smoother customer interactions with automated tasks
  • Stay informed and agile at all times with full-stack and business-centric visibility
AIOps smooth customer experience

Automate CMDB Updates with Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM)

IT can’t rely on manual, human error-prone CMDB updates. DDM is the foundation of AIOps that helps you discover the important components of your business services and predict and prevent issues before they occur. Plus, it helps you automate service desk operations so your team can focus on more strategic work.

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Automate CMDB Updates with Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Key Capabilities and Features

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Agentless Auto-Discovery

Discover all of the computing, network, and storage entities across your hybrid IT environment fast - and without ever deploying agents.

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Application Dependency Mapping

Keep track of the relationships between applications and the underlying hybrid infrastructure.

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Automated CMDB Updates

Ensure your CMDB is always accurate and up-to-date with automated updates.

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Multi-Layer Topology Maps

Intuitive topology maps facilitate operations by displaying how your physical, virtual, and logical computing, network, and storage entities are connected.

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Infrastructure Visualizations

Use visualizations to identify and understand root causes — and fix them quickly — with the ability to overlay faults, alerts, and tickets on top of topology maps.

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Real-Time Inventory Views

Always know exactly where your inventory stands, with the ability to view by device type or IP address range, in custom filtered groups or in a tabular list format.

Noise Reduction

Eliminate false positives, review time-series playbacks, correlate connected events to incidents, and find the potential root cause

Self-Service Portal
Event Correlation

Capture, dedupe, and categorize all events and alarms with auto-generated tickets organized by urgency.

Predictive Analytics

Multivariate anomaly detection, dynamic thresholding, and sequential pattern analysis fueled by artificial intelligence and machine -learning.

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Anomaly Detection

Detect potential problems before they become real with dynamic thresholds across multiple variables including seasonality to identify anomalous behavior.

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Operational & Business Dashboards

Get at-a-glance visibility into the health of your infrastructure and business-critical applications.

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